Handmade Turquoise Magnetic Charm Bracelet

  • $55.35

Type: Magnetic Bracelet with Turquoise Charm
Size: Custom Size
Color: Silver or Gold, Turquoise
Materials: Turquoise Stone, Sterling Silver or Gold Chain and Clasp

Description: This is a simple bracelet with a turquoise charm, which comes in either gold or silver. This bracelet is very easy to put on and remove, as it has a magnetic clasp. I love delicate chain bracelets, but hate asking for help putting them on! The turquoise stones are electroplated in sterling silver or gold.

(Please note that you should slide the pieces of the clasp horizontally apart, instead of pulling straight apart, to prevent damage to the magnetic clasp.)

Select the size from the menu or leave a note if you would like a different length.