Turquoise Charm with Black Spinel Beaded Gold Chain - Handmade Magnetic Bracelet

  • $54.72

Type: Magnetic Turquoise Charm Bracelet with Black Spinel Chain
Size: 6.6" total length, unclasped
Chain: Black Spinel Beaded Gold Chain
Materials: Turquoise, Black Spinel, Gold



Description: This is a simple bracelet with a turquoise slice charm electroplated in gold and a black spinel beaded gold chain. This bracelet is very easy to put on and remove, as it has a magnetic clasp. The turquoise charm has tiny specks of different colors and a smooth finish.



Bracelet Length: 6.6 in (16.8 cm)



(Please note that you should slide the pieces of the magnetic clasp horizontally apart, instead of pulling straight apart, to prevent damage.)